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July 16, 2013

IMG_6044 via jengotch’s instagram.

So I had this thought the other day.

An existential (in this instance meaning: grounded in existence) epiphany of sorts about the world. It hit me as I was standing over my friend’s shoulder watching a live feed of the protest/celebration/rally happening in Tahrir Square. I exclaimed (like it was some novel concept – spoiler: it’s not) that we live in a world with a live feed! Isn’t that weird? I mean we follow live feeds of events… like a live blog of an apple event… or a twitter feed of a presidential speech. But in reality, almost everything can be followed in a live feed. On twitter, facebook, tiny corners of the internets…. The real time information on any given current event is staggering…. and the interconnectedness is hard to believe. Twenty years ago a government couldn’t take over a Twitter account and make a declaration to the masses…. now they can.

The internet is so cool.

In other important discoveries, it was recently brought to my attention (by the yelling coming from our bathroom) that Playtex is on a secret mission to ruin the self-esteem of girls. Alice and I came to this non-dramatic conclusion due to the messages on the wrappers.


I mean really? They don’t even consider the possibility that you might succeed?! Nope, but at least you tried. Alice put it well, when she quoted Playtex as probably thinking, “You’re just a girl on your period, we don’t really expect much of you. But good try kid.” They only get worse. My least favorite one says something along the lines of, “Smile. It distracts the competition.” Because honestly what’s more important than looking good while playing sports, amiright? Who cares if you’re actually good as long as you’re pretty. In lieu of a long-winded rant lets just leave it at this. You can do better Playtex.

On an entirely unrelated note:
I binge watched The American’s over Memorial Day – highly recommended communist spy show.
Economic inequality is real, pertinent, and created. Lets fix it. This website is coooool.

Over and out.

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