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The Park Wedding

July 25, 2013


Because I’m taking my sweet time blogging this summer I’m just now getting to the fabulously fun (like, all the fun) Park wedding that I attended… circa early June. I flew into Kansas City on Thursday in time for drinks on a patio with lots of my favorite KCMO people.


What appears to be a business meeting is just some last minute speech prepping with a pre-game drink at The Peanut.


The rehearsal dinner was at The Cashew (closely related to The Peanut) in downtown KC and it was everything a rehearsal dinner should be. Drinks, good food, family, friends and good stories.

Speaking of stories—one of the first nights that Ali and Park hung out was at a Halloween party in 2008. They called for a ride after the party and Barber and I picked them up and drove them to their next location (400 yards around the block). We sat in my car for 45 minutes while the two of them told stories…. I have no idea what they were talking about but Park was dressed as an 80’s rap star in a jump suit and a wig and Ali was a trucker. Really this is how everyone should begin their happily ever after story.


No photos of the wedding (it was pretty!)… Lots of photos post wedding. In between the ceremony and the reception the wedding party+dates took a ride around KC on a trolley. Read: all the fun.


Allison is gooooooorrrrgeous. 


Shotgunning in the street… because ya know, they got married!





And then, ala Mackelmore, we danced…. and had a really, really, really, good time. Cocktails, dinner, speeches, fancier cocktails, dancing, more dancing, tequila(whyyyyy????), and a pallet slumber party.


You know it’s a good wedding when you’re eating breakfast at Mimi’s Diner still in your wedding attire (and looking rougggghhhhh).

The entire wedding weekend was filled with so much love and so much fun. Ali and Park are the kind of people that you just want to be around all the time… they’re infectiously fun and are about sharing it with everyone. I’m so happy and grateful to them for including me in the weekend. I feel like squealing and squeezing you both right now (I’m sure you can imagine this) thinking about how much fun that day was….

Can’t wait to see you soooooon! (And hey, maybe I’ll get around to sending your wedding gift before I see you in October? eh?)

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