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all the good food.

July 30, 2013

Let’s talk about good things we’ve been eating around here lately. Other than salads, which we’ve discussed recently, there are things with blueberries, breakfast foods of many varieties, insanely delicious pasta and pizza on the grill (the grill!).

We’ll start with what I’d like to call, blueberry magic.


Oh, the pictures aren’t wowing you? Yeah, just make it. It’s like super easy and way delicious.

Thennnnnnn, there’s this situation.


I added pesto…. because I have a basil plant (that may or may not be covered in dust from the guys scrapping grout from in between the bricks in the house across the alley) that needed to be used. You should add pesto too.

Now let’s talk about breakfast…. which can really be enjoyed at any point in the day. I’m a pretty big fan of the brunch hour.


In late June Theresa and Emma were in town visiting (which we’ll get to soon-ish!) and it was also my friend Ginna’s birthday weekend, so I threw a brunch. Which turned into sort of an all day affair (as is sometimes the case with brunch)… but we ate so many delicious breakfast-y things!

I made these tried and true brown butter biscuits with cinnamon butter, a version of this broccoli quiche, sausage breakfast casserole (with sage sausage and sage cheddar cheese *mind blown*), these teeny cinnamon biscuits (which are really nothing without the sugary topping!) and rosemary potatoes (because you can never have too many carbs).


In our next installment of allthegoodfoodever, pizzas on the grill!

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  1. Rambro permalink
    July 30, 2013 12:19 pm

    Why must you always make me hungry! :-)


  1. I love lists, Friday! – Shutterbean

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