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August 2, 2013


Hello Friday! We’ve got an epic weekend of sorts planned over here in our corner of the District. It is birthday weekend part 1 (which will undoubtedly be followed by birthday weekend part 2 next weekend, although I’ll have to be there in spirit) and we’ve got some celebrating to do. How lucky that two roommates have birthdays in the same week? The same two roommates who kindly drank old fashioned’s with me on my birthday exactly one day after moving into the house. Their complete enthusiasm for celebrating this stranger’s birthday on a Monday evening in December was a pretty telling example of what I’d just moved into… which is the best house ever (have I mentioned this before?). :)

I digress. Before birthday weekend, (several weekends ago) there was an America Party (on Bastille day of all days!). Our friends Dani and Sang threw an all out America themed party… which may sound a bit like 4th of July, but it was better. And when I say they threw a party I actually mean they redecorated their house in red, white, and blue, made appropriately patriotic snacks, and required costumes.

So we donned all the America-ness we had and went to Baltimore.




Most American couple award goes to Rachel and Phil.


Dani has an amazing deck off her second floor bedroom where we hung out for a while after it stopped raining. This was one of my favorite parts of the night.


I’m loving Alice’s cape here. Speaking of which, happiest of birthdays to you pretty lady! You are warm and hilarious and have an infectious laugh and I love living with you. I forever want you to come home every day, sit on my couch, and discuss email marketing, client database systems and hashtags with me. Except for today, we can skip that on account of it being your birthday. Can’t wait to celebrate. <3



I finally had an excuse to wear my red, white and blue, sailor dress (because one can’t just wear such a thing on any given day).

Such a lovely night.

Ironically this was the same night that as we were celebrating America,
America’s legal system did not find justice for a teenager from Florida.
A reminder that this country that we celebrate still has much work to do.

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  1. August 2, 2013 10:40 am

    YOU are the fabulous one my dear!!! Love living with you too!!! xoxoxo

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