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let’s talk about videos

September 5, 2013

Videos! In no particular order! Except they’re kind of in particular order because I put them like this hoping you’ll watch the first few before you really get bored.

1. Chase was doing some photography work for my Madre’s non-profit (she works there… she doesn’t own it). He had the idea for this little public service announcement. Mama Regan wrote a script, Chase took the photos, Paul Carabello did the audio and sound engineering and I edited the thing together (which was the smallest and easiest part). High-five for making this come together in about a 72 hour window. Also, how cool that all us Parkview high school kids (and Parkview kid’s husbands) are collaborating. Who said Springfield, MO wasn’t the creative outlet of the midwest?! (I’m pretty sure no one has commented on this either way).

2. The person who lived in my room before me in my house in DC holds a biannual one minute film festival (Summerval and Winterval). I had the lovely opportunity of attending and participating in “Winterval 2013: Chilled to the Max.” Although my one minute film did not win…. here it is.

I mean… who doesn’t want a breakfast sandwich delivered to their door? Also — the winning videos and other entries are here. They’re only a minute and there are some truly hilarious ones (although one of my favorites, a parody of the DC dating scene produced by Alice, is not internet appropriate and therefore will remain a hidden gem).

3. I don’t have any words to do this justice. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros ladies and gentleman. Heart=puddle on the floor.

4. Finally, if you have 7 minutes this is the most beautiful and cool short film I have seen in a while. The goal of my life is to make something this cool.

Seen any good short films lately?

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  1. cacsgf permalink
    September 5, 2013 2:23 pm

    In addition to the folks Katie named, we want to give a “shout out” to sisters Livia and Stella for their narration of Video #1. They were amazing to work with and we’re giving them both credit for the final product. Aaaaaand, since Katie’s link to her “Madre’s non-profit” actually links back to Chase’s website (how much promotion does he NEED?!?!), if, after watching Video #1, you are so inclined as to make an online donation to “Our Shared Story,” you can do so at! And great selection of videos, KB!

  2. September 13, 2013 1:43 am

    HOLY SH**, that short fim! Amazing. Speechless. Also, I love everything about this post. Everything. Miss you, my friend. <3

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