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A Sibling Road Trip

June 11, 2014

Might as well jump back into blogging with something exciting like a road trip yeah? Seriously, where did the past six months go? We’ll never know because it’s not documented on the internets! ACK.

So baby brother Brooks (the less attractive but smarter one of our sibling duo, you know the one?) got himself a job all the way across America in the sunny state of California. He claims he moved there because this tech startup offered him all the things + the coding language of clojure. But really he wanted to make our parents have to visit both coasts. Selfish I tell you!


I like road trips. I like Tim. I’ve only been to California once. I’m an excellent driver. No brainer, I decided to join in on this cross country adventure.


I flew into Kansas City and and spent 12 hours with two of my favorite people at their most beautiful house in Hyde Park (thanks Jake and Trey!). Then we were off!


We wanted to make our first stop in Denver even though in retrospect we probably should have gone a bit farther… I got to snuggle with my best friend Anne and Tim got to hang out with friends. Success! On our way into Denver we stopped to get our headlight replaced immediately before experiencing a serious snow storm. Double success!


I literally had to help push our car onto the road the next morning. Whoops. This is a situation where mother and father Regan/Brooks would be all texting us, “how’s the weather?” “Are you being safe?” “Where are you?” Ya know, parenty things. Unfortunately they were on a cruise somewhere on the ocean. So really, for them it’s better to just see this on the flip side I think.




Due to All The Snow we had to drive south through New Mexico and Arizona. This was a long day. We ate tacos in a tiny restaurant where the hostess, waitress, and chef were apparently all the same woman. Fantastic. We caved and finally bought a car phone charger in lieu of wasting precious time charging at a Starbucks. We also downloaded the Sporcle app (best $2.99 I’ve ever spent) and quized ourselves into oblivion. Also, it was windy.


In case you’re keeping track of days we’re now on day three. I think we slept somewhere in Arizona on the second night. With the promise of sunny California and 70 degrees we set off early for our destination.


The west coast is so efficient ya’ll! Let me tell you something sad/hilarious. We were driving a ’03 Honda Accord. So this car is awesome because it has a six disk CD changer. It is not awesome because it does not have a tape deck and it’s too old to have a AV cord or USB port. Which means unless you have CDs (we did not) you can not play any music/podcasts/radio shows that you save for long drives. I mean, let’s just say we’re talking about a loooooooooot of radio scanning.


Upon entering CA we promptly stopped at In-n-out and then a quaint local shop called Walmart for the essentials and what not.

After another few hours we were in San Mateo, new home city of Timmy B. We unloaded the car, met his roommate’s pet chinchilla, checked out his morning walk to the train/metro/subway (what is it even called?!) stations, ate Korean food with his roommates and other startup owners (like, everyone has started a startup over there) and then called it a night. We did get invited to a pre-party at Stanford…. I’m not sure what they were pre-partying but it felt very “Social Network-esque” if you know what I mean.


I flew back to snowy DC the following morning and we both lived happily ever after! :)

This is now old news because the road trip happened in like February (snow – you may have guessed). But all’s well and good and I’m sure by now Tim has a mean tan going on…..

Until Thursday….. over and out! (It feels good to be back!)


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